Menu - Dishes
‘Bakkwa’ Bacon Salad
Bacon strips grilled ‘bakkwa’-style with an oriental green salad complete with lotus root croutons
Firecracker Chicken Nest
Deep-fried diced chicken served with chopped dried chillies and mango purée.
Awesome Flaming Pineapple Beef
What’s more awesome than gravy braised beef served in a pineapple? Braised beef served in a pineapple ON FIRE, that’s what.
The Mermaid
A healthy and delicious collagen rich dish with grilled barramundi and whole fish maw. Broth selection: Original collagen or white pepper. (we had the Original collagen)
Wagyu Truffle ‘Hor Fun’
‘Hor Fun’ flat rice noodles served with premium A4 grade Wagyu beef, crispy deep-fried ‘hor fun’ stripes, poached egg and finished with truffle gravy.
King Prawn “Chao Ta” Noodles
Pan Seared egg noodles with king prawns, topped with a tomato seafood sauce.
Pumpkin Butter Cream Shrimp
Fried butterflied shrimps with pumpkin butter cream served in a pastry bowl.
Dragon Phoenix Pot
Prawns and Chicken in a double boiled broth, simmered with Gosnells London Mead.
Fried Durian
Deep fried Durian with coconut flakes, popping candy and strawberry caviar.
Menu - Cocktails
5 Spice Old Fashioned
Bourbon whiskey with 5 spice infused bitters and a sugar cube, garnished with an orange slice.
Oolong Collins
Pomegranate and oolong tea infused gin with a touch of citrus and fizz. Sweet, tangy and perfect for any time of the day.
Rosemary Cooler
Gin, lemon and burnt rosemary. Fresh and cooling like a mojito. A perfect start to the night.
Ronin Green Tea
Green tea infused light rum and hints of vanilla in this milky goodness.
Mandarin Mojito
A classic mojito with light rum, mint leaves, sugar, muddled with fresh mandarin oranges.